Trade & Distribution

If you have any questions about where to purchase our wine please contact us.
If you are interested in distributing Maysara wines in your area please contact Naseem Momtazi.
(503)-472-8880 Sales Office



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jamsheed-pinot-noir-maysara-winery cyrus-pinot-noir-maysara-winery asha-pinot-noir-maysara-winery delara-pinot-noir-maysara-winerymitra-pinot-noir-maysara-winery


All provided as non-vintage, PNG with transparent background. Contact us if you need a different version.

Anahita Riesling (PNG)
Arsheen Pinot Gris (PNG)
Asha Pinot Noir (PNG)
Autees Pinot Blanc (PNG)
Cyrus Pinot Noir (PNG)
Delara Pinot Noir (PNG)
Immigrant Pinot Noir (PNG)
Jamsheed Pinot Noir (PNG)
Mahtaub Pinot Noir (PNG)
Mitra Pinot Noir (PNG)
Owl Pinot Noir (PNG)
Owl Whole Cluster Pinot Noir (PNG)
Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé (PNG)
Three Degrees Pinot Noir (PNG)


2012 Asha Pinot Noir (White Back / Photo Back)
2012 Jamsheed Pinot Noir (White Back / Photo Back)
2013  Cyrus Pinot Noir (White Back / Photo Back)
2015 Three Degrees Pinot Noir (White Back / Photo Back)
2016 Arsheen Pinot Gris (White Back / Photo Back)
2016 Autees Pinot Blanc (White Back / Photo Back)


Maysara Rectangular Gold Logo Rectangular (PDF)
Maysara Large Logo (PDF)
M Black Logo (PDF / TIF)